Apollo Staar

 Apollo Staar(USA, b. 1971) is a Los Angeles based photographer, painter and mixed-medium artist.

             Influenced by feelings and emotions rather than existing visual work, Apollo's photographic works strive to bring meaning and messages to images. His work takes a nod from the 1920's surrealist movement as well as composition from classic film noir, and is influenced greatly by dream states and the subconscious.
            In his painted work, Apollo is inspired by 1970's cult films, Rock & Roll, and pop culture from the 1960's. Many of his paintings are based on found images of underground subcultures from those eras. Growing up in Los Angeles has had a great influence on Apollo and his current work. His upcoming series is based on the subversive side of Rock & Roll culture as well as exposing the sinful trappings and systematic downfall of the of American celebrity. Also as a subject theme is the erotic mystique and machismo fetish behind classic Biker films of the 1950's thru the 1970's.
            BLACK MASS
is the title of the body of mixed medium sculptures and found object assemblages that he is currently working on.  "I'm working on a new group of assemblage works in monochromatic black, under the title of BLACK MASS.  The works will explore, address and question the relationship between deity and man, man and machine, mass production, vehicular manslaughter, and the mortality of humankind." 

"Fine art painters are constantly underrated as creative people. Paint is nothing more than colored goo that is forced thru a brush, machine, sprayed, or manipulated in some way onto a surface, creating something that represent a story, mood, feeling, message or thing. There is something to be said for that cathartic process alone."
-Apollo Staar, 2013

Gallery Shows

1987 -Photo Contest and show, Sierra Madre Public Library, 1st place(B/W) and 2nd place(colour)
1992 -“Bad Attitude”One Man Show, TROY Café & Gallery
1994 -Group Show portraits of Nightlife Personalities, Ten Fifteen Folsom nightclub, San Francisco
2008 November -“Girls of the SS”, Ultrastar Gallery, curated show and guest artist.
2009 July -"Desolation Holiday", Ultrastar Gallery, curated show and guest artist.
2009 November -"Figurative Theatre", Rebecca Molayem Gallery, Beverly Hills.
2011 June -"Beerotica: Cross-pollination", group show at the Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, summer
2012 June - "Queertopia", group show at Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis
2012 July -"RAW Artists Showcase", Group Show, Fine Line Cafe, Minneapolis
2012 November -"Behind the Boudoir", group show, curated by Vanessa Moselle, Burgundy Room Gallery
2012 November -"Life and Death in America", group show, curated by Rachel Wright, Loft Gallery, Pomona

1992 -Student Group Show, Pasadena City College Student Art Gallery, Pasadena
1993 -Biennial Group Show, Los AngelesContemporary Exhibitions (L.A.C.E.)
2005 -Group Show, Glass House, Pomona
2008 -Benefit for Compound Radio, Group Show, April, Thought Gallery, Hollywood
2008 October thru January -Fall Group Show, Thought Gallery, Hollywood
2009 October -"Erotic Art School: Art Students Gone Wild", Ultrastar Gallery, Los Angeles
2010 May -"Erotic Art School: Class of '69", Group show, curated by Heidi Calvert and Apollo Staar,                   Ultrastar Gallery, Los Angeles
2011 February -"Pretty Vacant", preview show, Coffee Table Gallery, Los Angeles
2011 April -"Pretty Vacant" One Man Show, Peep Show Gallery, Hollywood
2012 July - "RAW Artists", Group Show, Fineline Cafe, Minneapolis
2012 August -"Anger Management", Group Show, Altered Images Gallery, Minneapolis
2012 October -"Punk Royals", Group Show, Punk Museum, Los Angeles, curated by Taquila Mockingbird
2013 October - "Aloha from Hell", Group Show, Boshin Gallery, Hollywood, curated by Vanessa Burgundy
2013 October - "Masquerade", Group Show, KGB Gallery, Los Angeles, Curated by Juan Rodriguez
2013 November, "The Munsters Vs. The Addams Family", Group show, Boshin Gallery, Hollywood, curated by Cleo Antonelli.

1992 -Founded “Suicide Cinema”, mini production company for Super-8 & 16mm films, Pasadena, CA.
1993 - “Beyond Flesh” 16mm, dual-screen, B/W, 12 min., Screening at Pasadena City College
1993 -Founded “Cinema Nouveau” Film Collective, Group Screening, TROY Café & Gallery
1993 -“Paul-Anthony, Al-Fresco” a retrospective of early film work from 1988 to1993, TROY Café & Gallery, (Films included ‘Apt. 18’, ‘Trauma’‘Split Personality’, ‘Loser’ and the dual-screen ‘Beyond Flesh’), outdoor screening on the west wall of the Gallery building.
1995 -‘Get Lost’ 16mmB/W, 14 min., Screening at Flux Gallery, San Francisco

2009 -Molly Jensen, “Give it Time”, Art Director
2009 -N-Force, “All or Nothing”, Art Director

-2003, Launches Apollo Staar Couture, a collection of ready-to-wear one-of-a-kinds.  Described as ‘Sci-Fi meets 70s Disco’, the entire collection was made in reflective Gold and chrome vinyl.  Complete with a collection of matching space-age handbags and a 15 piece line of foot long dangling chrome/gold hoop earrings.
-2004, Opens the very 60s Mod themed “Le Chic Boutique” with partner/designer Mercedes Sumida.  Representing local designers as well as retailing original60s vintage dead stock and ready-to-wear designs.
-2005, Guest Designer in ‘Art Bags’ Gallery show at Star Shoes, Hollywood, curated by Ashley Eckenweiler
-2006, Guest Designer in ‘Art Shoes’ Gallery show at Star Shoes, curated by Ashley Eckenweiler. 


1993-1995- San Francisco State University
-BA in Film Directing/Theory
1989-1993- Pasadena City College
, Pasadena, CA. - Emphasis on Psychology, Sociology, Film, Sculpture, Photography, Art History and Writing.
- Art Center College of Design - Studied Product Design, Photography, Transportation Design
1985-1989- La Salle High School
, Pasadena
- Clairbourne School, San Gabriel, CA.
- Pasadena Alternative School
- Pacific Oaks School, Pasadena

Awards and Scholarships

1988 -Saturday High Scholarship for product design, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA.
1989 -Saturday High Scholarship for photography, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA.
1992 -Ford Scholarship for Transportation Design, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA.
1994 -Certificate of Recognition by the City of Los Angeles for his participation in the Latino Film and Video Festival 

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